Jess Domain is a multi-disciplinary performer and writer living in New York City. 


Whether it’s an article for Bustle.com or a play for a Manhattan stage, you’ll find the common thread in Jess Domain’s writing is always spirituality. Preferring to share the wisdom of the universe in very practical, usable ways, she connects the Divine with the daily grind by offering consciousness guidance to people in a multitude of ways.

As a regular contributor to Bustle, EliteDaily and Romper, Jess’ writing was viewed online by more than 500,000 readers per month. Her spiritually conscious writing and teaching has become known for building simple, straightforward bridges between the metaphysical and the physical, especially with popular, mainstream topics like relationships and personal success.


As a Meisner and Upright Citizens Brigade trained actress Jess utilizes her multi-disciplinary background in the arts to inform her character roles. As a professionally trained singer and classical ballet dancer, she enjoys seamlessly combining her artistic experience on stages, as well as film and television sets. Her film credits include Detective Riley in James Franco’s feature film HorrortimeArienne in the award winning French short Lou, and Y Hippie in X & Y written by Pamela RomanowskyJess can be seen on television as a friendly host for Asia TV, Zee TV, Singular DTV, and Manhattan Movie Magazine. 

In 2018, Jess originated the role of Sophie Green, in her original Off-Broadway play, The Culture Of Now, at Theatre Row in New York City. Some of Jess’ favorite theater roles include Violet Venable in ATNY’s Suddenly Last Summer and Angie in the comedy Kerry & Angie with Studio 4. When Jess originated the role of Goddess Akka in the Off-Broadway musical, Serenade, Theaterpizzazz.com reviewed her performance: “And Jess Domain, as the goddess Akka, an already accomplished dancer and singer, whose lithe movement and beautiful voice are especially enchanting.”


Jess Domain’s cinematic pop music was originally influenced by touring with Aretha Franklin for 3 years. She is the recipient of the ASCAPlus Songwriter Award and her original music and soulful vocals can be heard in over 100 television shows and films internationally. From FX’s legal thriller, Damages, to the provocative Cinemax series, Girls Guide To Depravity, Jess designs unique music to compliment visuals and story lines. She creates, writes, produces and frequently collaborates with DJs, film/tv composers, playwrights, songwriters, ad agencies and Grammy winning producers.